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I like the work and the challenge of getting more sales and revenue from a website. One of the hardest working employees since it is active 24 hours a day, the website should be working hard for you and the companies interests.

Come Help Us Make the Web a Better Place For You and Your Company.

Assitance with developing an online presence. Getting found and converting website traffic to customers. For local companies, we work to find what it is you want to accomplich onlne and then implement a plan for you that is independently exacuted for you.

What I Am Involved In


Website content research and writing for the owner. Or contracting the service.

Street View Trusted Photographer

With multiple cameras and a selection of lens for the Nikon different situations can be handled well by providing the right viewpoint.


Selecting and customizing a modern template to what you want the site to look like. The basic framework is set up and saves a lot of initial work

Video Marketing

Shooting and producing videos for companies to present a more interesting active view of a company instead of just pictures

Google My Business Top Contributor

This is the third step in becoming a recognized contributor in the official Google Help forums. It starts to open up some of the higher level functions and is a reward for contributions to date. The access to get things edited and changed increaes significantly

Back Ups

Security and hackers are an issue for everyone. I have and maintain multiple backups for every site I manage for someone

Face Book Video Adds

Targeting to a select audience is why Facebook is an opportunity for companies that have a need to get a message to the right people that are interested in the product or service offered. A video add is a barrier to entry that the typical company does not utilize as easily as text adds so the price can be an efficiant way to get the message out.

Google Adwords

Pay per click advertizing is how the company has grown to be the largest search engine and the highly profitable organization that it is. People say that no one clicks on the adds but that is the largest source of revenue for the company. Pay per click is the way to pay get a message placed were you want it.

SSL Certificates

Web sites that have Secure Socket Layers installed now have a preference in the search engine results. It is an indication of authenticity that the site is not likely to be hacked or have malicious software. In addition it is an indication that there is a higgher financial comitment to the website by the owner.

Google My Business Pages

One of the most valubale web properties that a business does not own. It is displayed on almost ever local search. To every business ownwer OPTIMIZE it!

Joomla and Word Press

Current usage estimates of sites that use a content management system reports say that Word Press has about 60% of the market.  Followed by Joomla that has about 6%.  I  use both of these two content management systems for websites. So the odds are 66% that there is not a learning curve for what you currently use. You do not get locked into a proprietary website system. In addition, there is a population of others that can manage the site


I can produce 360 photos and videos, Google Street view mapping, DSL 360 photographs and virtual tours of a location. These are examples of specialty photography that many people do not have any idea of where to find such a service.


In practice often a website is a static brochure. For those who want it, I train users how to edit and contribute content on the website when they want

Internet Products and Domain Services

As a reseller for the largest domain name hosting company I can supply and provision most any product needed and it is backed up by my knowledge and 24/7 tech support.

Local Guides Connect

A member of this program focused on adding information to Google Maps specifically Google My Business pages. This program is a worldwide group of users that share their discoveries on Google Maps. Participation also unlocks exclusive benefits along the way. Currently I am level 8 out of 10.

Google Trusted Verifier

Trusted Verifier is a new verification method for Google My Business. Trusted partners can use the Trusted Verifier mobile app to verify local businesses

Life Inside Our Office

The pictures here stock photos to protect the innocent. I think it is best to present a good image rather than show my home office that is the result of our kids growing up.

Let's Work Together

If you are a small business that wants to stay up with or beat out the local online competition we may be able to help.  We will analyze the situation and give you an honest evaluation of what can be done.  Want to ask any kind of question call me at (203) 906-6079

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