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More than getting a website published and online. Capabilities include search optimization, photography, video marketing and filling in for what the owner of the company does not have time to do. We can help focus and implement the ideas that will help the companies site rank for applicable concepts relevant to that particular company.

What We Do

I am a generalist in the areas of website development and Search Engine Optimization.  Much more than just a website design. When other skills are needed additional people with the right skill sets are added.


Your brand is all about how people perceive your company. It has to do with the selections of images, the information, and experiences that others have when relating to your business. 

When it comes to an online presence, there is much more to think about than just a website. Your brand needs shine with a consistent message — across many platforms and media.


Search Engine Optimization In short doing the things in building a site that all go together to help make a site be found and rank well in the search results.

Unique relevant content presented better than the competition. Combined with the tools to see what is going on so the right path forward is implemented.


Content, navigation, user experience all the components of a website need to work well together. Photographs, videos, graphics all combine to tell the unique story of a company and it’s employees. Information and content focused on explaining the niche that a company fills in its specific marketplace.


Small business marketing and branding often is not the focus of a company after the initial set up is completed. Sometimes a second look can bring new ideas.

Web Design

Desing of a site often starts with a basic concept of a site that fits the industry and type of company to be presented to visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

All the mechanical and content items that communicate both to the user and to the search engines so they can understand what the website is about.

Information Architecture

People are creatures of habit and look for answers fast. Navigation to find and consume the information the user is looking for.

Content Strategy

The text is the workhorse of communicating to the user and the search engines. Users may skim, but the search engines devour and rank each word. Video, pictures, and graphics supplement the text to keep the visitor on the site.

Business Consulting

The act of probing for information to convey the companies message can develop an in-depth knowledge of the company and how it operates. For in-depth consulting, we have others up to the Highest Level of experience available.

Recent Work

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Let's Work Together

If you are a small business that wants to stay up with or beat out the local online competition we may be able to help.  We will analyze the situation and give you an honest evaluation of what can be done.  Want to ask any kind of question call me at (203) 906-6079

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