I'm Dave. A Designer & Developer Making the Web an Interesting Place.

For local Small Business

Word Press and Joomla website developer and a Google Business Profile expert


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Website Design

Simple presentation of content to answer what prospect is looking for

Website Development

Customization and adaption of appropriate web templates that are SEO optimized

Content Creation

The hardest part of getting a site done. You do it – GREAT have a block I do it you tune it up and make it the way you want it

Content Strategy

Plan a direction for content that fits SEO strategy and clients goals

Not Built From Scratch

Your content goes in adaptable formats to get a look that fits the situation

Enhance and Modify Premade Templates

No need to code from scratch better to get a project done efficiantly

Website Development

WordPress or Joomla

Featured Work

Website Redesign

Extra Insurance Website Redesign

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